About Me

I was born in Las Vegas, Nevada where the sun was hot, the bus rides to school were long, and every night I would fall asleep to the night light of the city and the roars from my neighbor’s lions. My family and I moved to Windsor, Colorado in December of 2000 and were greeted with over 36 inches of snow. That was a temperature shock! That was not enough to scare me away though, my love for Colorado only grew.

I knew I wanted to go to college for psychology. My family faced some tough times when I graduated high school, so there was no money to spare and qualifying for a loan was out of the question. I started my college journey at Aims Community College and attended full time while working two full-time jobs. I transferred to the University of Northern Colorado after two years, continued with the two jobs, picked up a part-time weekend job, and finally received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.

Prior to returning to college for my master’s degree, I took a break to get married and to enjoy what life was like without the copious amounts of schoolwork and 75-hour work weeks. I became a preschool teacher at a private preschool in Fort Collins. I also worked with struggling kids and teens during the summer months with the Salvation Army. Although I have a deep love for children and truly enjoyed these experiences, I do prefer the one-on-one work that therapy provides so each child can have the time and dedication they deserve.

Before starting my master’s program, I took a position as an Office Coordinator at a counseling company to gain as much field education and experience as I could. My master’s program started up, and I was back into full-time school and a full-time job. Only one job this time though! I graduated with a Master of Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling after completing my internship working with individuals within the legal system.

I gained several years of experience working in an outpatient setting prior to opening my own private practice here in Fort Collins, Colorado. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, a National Certified Counselor, and I am trained in Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR Therapy) and Neurofeedback Therapy.

When I am not working, I am most likely somewhere in the mountains either hiking or camping or spending time with my family. I am also certified in sailing, so when the mountains get too chilly I enjoy sailing somewhere tropical.